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Martyr's Gallery

        The journey to Hot Springs in Ladakh is a pilgrimage for every policemen in the country. For Dy.S.P. Karam Singh and his twenty dedicated compatriots of the CRPF patrolling the Indian territory at the Hot Springs in Ladakh, 21st October 1959 was like any other day of autumn. At 4,681 meters above the sea level, the mountains stood in silence, till it was broken by the report of guns.
         The Chinese had attacked the Indian patrol party from a hilltop, killing 10 jawans. The rest were taken prisoners. The incident shocked the country and virtually turned the course of its future relationship with China.
        21st October is now commemorated as Martyr's Day by the Police all over India. Every year on this day, representatives of all the Police Forces in India gather at the Martyr's Memorial at Hot Springs to pay tribute to the Martyrdom of these gallant men.

List of Rajasthan Police officers who gave their Supreme Sacrifice राजस्थान पुलिस के शहीदों की मय साइटेशन की सूची

From 01.09.2013 TO 31.08.2014
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Om Prakash ASI Sikar
2 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Meena ASI Commissionerate Jodhpur
3 Sh. Chirengee Lal HC-167 Dausa
From 01.09.2012 TO 31.08.2013
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Rajendra Singh CT-325 Dholpur
2 Sh. Yogendra Singh CT-899 Dausa

From 01.09.2011 TO 31.08.2012
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Mahendra Singh HC-228 Dholpur

From 01.09.2010 TO 31.08.2011
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Phool Mohammad C.I. Sawai Madhopur
2 Sh. Jamnalal A.S.I. Udaipur
3 Sh. Nihal Singh Constable Alwar
4 Sh. Sohan Lal Constable Udaipur
5 Sh. Prakash Constable Udaipur

From 01.09.2009 TO 31.08.2010
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Chandrabhan Constable No.-574 Jhunjhunu

From 01.09.2008 TO 31.08.2009
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Arjun Singh Head Constable No.-1810 Jaipur City
2 Sh. Khem Chand Head Constable No.-75 Karoli
3 Sh. Hariesh Chandra Constable No.-297 Sikar

From 01.09.2007 TO 31.08.2008
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Vimal Kumar Asstt. Sub Inspector Dholpur
2 Sh. Narendra Singh Asstt. Sub Inspector Alwar
3 Sh. Mitthan Lal Asstt. Sub Inspector Alwar
4 Sh. Bharmal Ram Head Constable No.-84 9th Bn. RAC Tonk
5 Sh. Shahnawaj Khan Constable No.-4893 Jaipur City
6 Sh. Bharat Bhushan Constable No.8045 Jaipur City
7 Sh. Deepak Yadav Constable No.8062 Jaipur City

From 01.09.2006 TO 31.08.2007
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Babu Lal Constable No. 118 Barmer
2 Sh. Kheev Singh Constable No. 424 1st Bn. RAC Jodhpur
3 Sh. Vikram Singh Constable No. 869 Jaipur City
4 Sh. Doongar Singh Constable No.818 4th Bn. RAC Jaipur

From 01.09.2005 TO 31.08.2006
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Sukhveer Singh Constable No. 1346 Bharatpur
2 Sh. Ganga Ram Constable No. 407 Jodhpur Rural
3 Sh. Neki Ram Constable No. 4698 Jaipur City East

From 01.09.2004 TO 31.08.2005
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Ram Dhan Asstt. Sub Inspector Ganganagar
2 Sh. Ganga Ram Constable No. 769 Barmer

From 01.09.2003 TO 31.08.2004
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Babu Lal Asstt. Sub Inspector Dholpur
2 Sh. Raghuvir Singh Asstt. Sub Inspector Ajmer
3 Sh. Prahalad Gurjar Asstt. Sub Inspector Tonk
4 Sh. Ashok Kumar Head Constable No. 470 Baran
5 Sh. Pooran Singh Constable No. 369 Pali
6 Sh. Fateh Singh Constable No. 465 Pali
7 Sh. Mahendra Singh Constable No. 221 Dungarpur
8 Sh. Gopa RAm Constable No. 334 1st Bn. RAC Jodhpur
9 Sh. Balu Ram Constable No.215 Tonk
10 Sh. Nisar Ahmed Constable No. 808 Tonk
11 Sh. Ram Niwas Constable No. 497 Nagaur
12 Sh. Vijay Singh Constable No. 241 Jhalawar
13 Sh. Bharat Singh Constable No. 6445 Jaipur City
14 Sh. Joga Ram Constable No.712 1st Bn. RAC Jodhpur

From 01.09.2002 TO 31.08.2003
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
- - - -

From 01.09.2001 TO 31.08.2002
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Anar Singh Sub Inspector Kota Rural
2 Sh. Lokesh Pancholi Sub Inspector Jhalawar
3 Sh. Siya Ram Asstt. Sub Inspector Bharatpur
4 Sh. Chandan Singh Asstt. Sub Inspector Udaipur
5 Sh. Om Prakash Constable No. 1288 Alwar
6 Sh. Ramji Lal Constable No. 523 Sirohi
7 Sh. Vijay Singh Constable No. 817 Dholpur
8 Sh. Bheru Ram Constable No. 116 Nagaur
9 Sh. Amba Lal Constable No.325 Nagaur
10 Sh. Laxman Singh Constable No.105 Rajsamand

From 01.09.2000 TO 31.08.2001
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Shankar Lal Asstt. Sub Inspector Udaipur
2 Sh. Sukh Raj Asstt. Sub Inspector Pali
3 Sh. Jagdish Singh Constable No. 276 Bikaner
4 Sh. Jai Singh Constable No. 230 Alwar
5 Sh. Bharat Lal Constable No. 188 Alwar
6 Sh. Mahendra Singh Constable No. 1174 Udaipur
7 Sh. Chand Mal Constable Driver No. 742 11th Bn. RAC Delhi

From 01.09.1999 TO 31.08.2000
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Man Singh Naruka Dy. Supdt. of Police Rajsamand
2 Sh. Hulasha Ram Inspector Jaipur City
3 Sh. Shiv Pal Singh Sub Inspector Jhunjhunu
4 Sh. Raghunath Singh Sub Inspector Alwar
5 Sh. Budha Ram Asstt. Sub Inspector Sirohi
6 Sh. Sita Ram Constable No. 5721 Jaipur City
7 Sh. Ram Sawroop Constable No. 6231 Jaipur City
8 Sh. Satish Kumar Constable No. 6116 Jaipur City
9 Sh. Ganpat Constable No.6309 Jaipur City
10 Sh. Babu Lal Constable No.1026 Jaipur City
11 Sh. Sher Singh Constable No.4527 Jaipur City
12 Sh. Sadu Ram Constable No. 2809 Jaipur City
13 Sh. Hari Singh Gurjar Constable No. 331 Dausa
14 Sh. Kheem Singh Constable No.226 Sirohi
15 Sh. Roopa Ram Constable No.45 Sirohi
16 Sh. Nand Lal Constable No. 360 10th Bn. RAC Bikaner
17 Sh. Sanjay Kumar Constable No. 334 Jhalawar
18 Sh. Kanwar Singh Constable No.767 Jhalawar
19 Sh. Umrao Singh Constable No. 1293 Alwar

From 01.09.1998 TO 31.08.1999
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Kailash Naraian Sub Inspector Bundi
2 Sh. Mohan Lal Asstt. Sub Inspector Hanumangarh
3 Sh.Kishan Singh Asstt. Sub Inspector Rajsamand
4 Sh. Parsaram Constable No. 354 Sirohi
5 Sh. Sukha Ram Constable No. 1118 Nagaur
6 Sh. Gajendra Singh Constable No. 1187 Bharatpur
7 Sh. Satveer Singh Constable No.588 Bharatpur
8 Sh. Murari Lal Constable No.327 Kota Rural

From 01.09.1997 TO 31.08.1998
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Naraian Das Dy. Supdt. of Police Tonk
2 Sh. Kailash Chand Meena Inspector Hanumangarh
3 Sh.Nenuram Asstt. Sub Inspector Bundi
4 Sh. Om Prakash Asstt. Sub Inspector Bikaner
5 Sh.Ghisha Lal Asstt. Sub Inspector Churu
6 Sh.Raja Ram Constable No.419 Hanumangarh
7 Sh. Mejar Singh Constable No.201 Hanumangarh
8 Sh. Sumer Singh Constable No.602 CID (CB)
9 Sh. Manak Singh Constable No.321 Pali
10 Sh. Govind Singh Constable No.1654 Jodhpur
11 Sh. Ashok Kumar Constable No.556 Sirohi
12 Sh. Shyam Singh Constable No. 1299 Bharatpur
13 Sh. Amar Singh Constable No. 678 Tonk

From 01.09.1996 TO 31.08.1997
S.No. Name of Officer Rank Posting
1 Sh. Rajpal Singh Inspector R.S.B.I.
2 Sh. Ram Dev Sub Inspector Rajsamand
3 Sh. Surendra Pal Head Constable No.139 8th Bn. RAC Delhi
4 Sh. Malam Singh Head Constable No. 04 PTS Jodhpur
5 Sh. Pukh Raj Constable No.1723 Jodhpur
6 Sh. Bhanwar Singh Constable No.952 Jodhpur
7 Sh. Ajit Singh Constable No.176 11th Bn. RAC Delhi
8 Sh. Ramesh Chand Constable No.648 Rajsamand
9 Sh. Jale Singh Constable No.435 Kota City
10 Sh. Raman Singh Constable No.1599 Jaipur City
11 Sh. Hanuman Sahai Constable No. 3879 Jaipur City